JHS believes that strong leasing is critical in maximizing the value of an asset. Our ability to deliver results is based upon our entrepreneurial approach and includes the following tactics:

Working the Market

Our aggressive leasing staff truly understands the work required to deliver results. We do not just hang a sign on the property, but fully work each asset by understanding the market and the opportunities within the market. We perform in-depth market and property analyses to create a leasing plan to properly position the asset and strengthen the tenant mix. Our active relationships with local and national retailers, as well as new connections from cold calling and canvasing, provide our ability to bring new retailers to the center.

Understanding the Asset

We lease with an owner’s perspective. We focus on the value of the asset and try to structure the tenant mix and lease terms to match the long-term goals of the property. Our leasing staff works closely with our asset management department to make sure we maximize the value of each transaction.

Leveraging National and Regional Experience

Our Denver-based staff has extensive national experience, and our 30 years in retail have provided long-term relationships with many national retailers from department stores, big box retailers and in-line tenants. Many of our retailers are repeat customers who have been impressed with our ability to be straightforward and deliver results.

Providing Local and Temporary Coverage

Successful local and temporary leasing makes the difference when it comes to leasing “that last 10 percent” of a retail center. JHS capitalizes on our local staff to help provide us those leads, as our staff has strong ties to the community, the ability to canvas, an understanding of the local players and the tools needed to make deals happen. When necessary, JHS works with third-party brokers in specific market areas to further identify and attract national, regional and local businesses.