Because having a solid marketing plan is essential to the success of a shopping center, our experienced team focuses on promoting and highlighting the strengths of each asset. We compose marketing plans based on several key factors:

Building Local Connections

We work closely with the area chamber of commerce, economic development department and convention and visitors bureaus to stay connected to the local market. These connections provide the basis for coordinating events and promotions as well as attracting new tenants.

Joining the Community

We believe the key to success is being a part of the community. Our marketing staff works closely with local organizations to coordinate programs and events that help attract consumers, drive sales and foster a strong connection to the community. Our flexibility ensures that marketing events are tailored around the needs and desires of the community and not around national, corporate directives.

Thinking Innovatively

We are committed to engaging customers and providing an energetic, informative forum so we can tune into our consumers’ needs. We understand that interactive e-marketing tools such as integrated websites, Facebook, Twitter and text messaging programs are essential to improve outreach to consumers.

Collaboration with Leasing

We have learned that leasing and marketing teams are exceedingly effective when they work together. Our combined coordination helps attract new retailers and keeps existing retailers and the properties profitable.