August 2016 Marketing Call

Back to School Time!

Oakwood Mall

Crazy Days Event

Worked with Eagle Marketing – their social media coordinator who targeted different demographics through Facebook. We also did a couple of videos to showcase some of the different stores. This worked great! Not only were the events on Saturday were well attended the traffic and sales Thursday – Sunday were high.
Promotional Videos

NEW:  Kids Smoothie making contest. We will definitely be expanding on this type of idea at future events.


crazy days better than before wellness crazy days iris sale tax free weekend booth smoothie contest 3 smoothie contest 2 smoothie contest 1

Tax Free Weekend

Lunch box giveaway.- small lunch bags/shopping totes and snacks for kinds to fill them with.
Drawing sign up for a gift card
100 drawing sign ups and gave away around 75 bags and totes.

Tax free 2016 2


Northland Mall

Senior Expo, Bergner’s Kids Expo, My Back to School Event & Dunhams Grand Opening. Grand Opening

IMG_2818 IMG_2695 IMG_2724 IMG_2727  IMG_2697 IMG_2700 IMG_2696FullSizeRenderIMG_2814

Conestoga Mall

This year we combined Public Safety Day and Sizzlin Summer Sales….proven success!!

We added the following items to Public Safety Day:

  • Crane flying the American Flag (what a presence it made from a distance!)
  • Live entertainment (singers, cloggers, and cheerleaders)
  • Lunch to all participants  was provided by our mall restaurants as a way of saying thank you. We had so much food!
  • Tent for outside (weather was predicted to be near 100 that day)
  • Live radio remote
  • Live FB  videos
  • Some participants were inside and some were outside
  • Challenge sheet (go to each booth and get a signature). Turn in the sheet for your chance to win a mall gift card
  • English and Spanish T.V. Interviews
  • Advertised on Spanish radio and newspaper


flag IMG_1818 IMG_1822 public safety (2) public safetySpanish ad

Back to School BASH-Wizard Theme

  • Gave away 150 backpacks
  • Three sponsors this year that helped pay for backpacks and tags
  • Kids were in line by shortly after 6 a.m.  Giveaway was at 10:00 a.m.
  • Each student in line received a backpack with some supplies (approx. 125) with about 25 left over that were handed out at customer service.
  • Changes: Event was from 10:00-2:00.  I would suggest shortening the event. Also relook at the timing of backpack giveaway.  Since people had stood in line for so long they didn’t stick around the mall long after the backpack giveaway.

school supplies giveaways kids waiting in line back to school updated flyer

Upcoming events:

Husker Prediction (FB event)
Royalty Day September 24th 10:00 a.m.-noon
Fall Craft Show (October 14-16)
Pumpkin Giveaway


Video for Dillards

School Supply Scavenger Hunt  
Successes:  Made local news station and had a huge turnout.
Challenges:  TOO many people the first year, I planned for 100 (125) but still did not have enough.  Mad guests because we let them start early.  Had to purchase all supplies out of my own budget.

Next year: seek sponsorships and have more staff on hand.
Make a bigger “school event” day out of this instead of just the scavenger hunt.


scav 1 scav 2 scav 3 scav 4 scav 5

Teacher Fashion Show

fash 1 fash 2 fash 3 fash 4


September- Mall Birthday

October-  Women Who Care Luncheon, Domestic Violence Display, Bra Art Display and Bra Ha Ha Event with Dillards, School for the Blind Day, Mall-O-Ween….


National Night Out/Back to School Bash

IMG_1219 IMG_1221 IMG_1223 IMG_1228 IMG_1247 IMG_4434 IMG_4458 IMG_4483 National Night Out Poster

Backpacks for kids – 

put together by local 4H volunteers as well as other kids from the community. The giveaway is organized by Upper Des Moines Opportunity which is a local nonprofit. Most of the supplies are donated to the program. As of yesterday they were able to provide school supplies for 790 families.

Oct 1st – Health and Safety Day, the 15th is Kidzmania, 22nd is a craft/vendor show and the 27th is Trick or Treat.


Venus – Conference Recap

Saks Fifth Ave Holiday Light Show Video

Avalon Noon to Night Video

“Experience Shopping”

Mobile Marketing

Customizing Messages

Calendars – Facebook feed to websites


-campus events – University
-kids health fair
-national family weekend